Connect is dead! Long live!

After years of having to deal with Connect – the feedback platform of Microsoft – it is announced a successor has been found: It’s not all about Azure, the link goes to the relevant portion of SQL Server. I’m glad for this change, as Connect could sometimes be a little … quirky. Especially the search function didn’t work properly. The new feedback site is based on UserVoice and it’s really easy to submit feedback. People submitting ideas for Power BI will be very familiar with the format. There are a couple of drawbacks:

  • You cannot specify many details (none to be exact, or you have to list them in the descriptions). OS version, SQL Server version, bitness, et cetera. On the other hand it makes the process of entering feedback a lot faster.
  • You cannot mark a feedback item as private so that only Microsoft can see it. This means it’s not exactly the place to dump your production data to show how a bug is bugging you (haha).

All the old Connect items have been ported (or in the progress of being ported). The only thing missing is the original vote count, which is now zero for those items. Anyway, I would like to encourage you to submit bugs and feedback about the SQL Server product so that it continues to be the best RDBMS on the market 🙂
(at the moment of writing it is unclear if the statuses “Won’t fix” or “By design” will be kept )

I already submitted some feedback:

The first item is even the top voted feedback item for SQL Server! 😉

Koen Verbeeck

Koen Verbeeck is a Microsoft Business Intelligence consultant at AE, helping clients to get insight in their data. Koen has a comprehensive knowledge of the SQL Server BI stack, with a particular love for Integration Services. He's also a speaker at various conferences.

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