Power BI Confusion

Just a quick post on some Power BI material that I believe should reach as many people as possible. I get the notion there is a lot of confusion about what is possible in Power BI v2 and which features are supported in the free and in the paying version. (I gave a session on Power BI to make it less confusing, but I primarily talked about all the different Power BI Excel add-ins and their capabilities.) What’s particularly hard to follow is the data refresh / live connections / personal gateway / data management gateway scenarios.

Luckily John White (blog | twitter) wrote an excellent overview: The New Power BI Personal Gateway – Do I Need It?. His blog post details what you can do with the personal gateway and the (older) data management gateway. Recommended reading!

After reading the article, I had some follow-up questions:

And some more:

And even more:

The general conclusion:

If you have the time, read the entire Twitter conversation; it’s really interesting. We were talking about this, to be precise:


My point of this post? There is a lot of confusion about Power BI and its capabilities out there. If you’re confused as well, you’re not alone!

ps: this doesn’t mean Power BI is an awful product though. Just the documentation 🙂

Koen Verbeeck

Koen Verbeeck is a Microsoft Business Intelligence consultant at AE, helping clients to get insight in their data. Koen has a comprehensive knowledge of the SQL Server BI stack, with a particular love for Integration Services. He's also a speaker at various conferences.

3 thoughts to “Power BI Confusion”

  1. Hi Koen,

    Do you know if Excel pivot tables are supported in v2? I definitely want to move our own company reports to v2, and also those of a client of mine, but Power View isn’t enough. Most high detail reports just need pivot tables.

    Would like your thoughts on this.

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